The Best Spyware Removal Program – how to get rid of spyware

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What is spyware?

Spyware are computer programs that essentially spy on you while you are working on your computer. These programs can record what kind of websites you visit in order to present you with advertising (like adware programs). Another type of spyware is called malware. It is used to either record you personal information like banking login details (passwords/usernames) and send these details to another computer. Another malware application is using your personal computer for criminal activities like sending spam emails or using it to attack other computers.

How can you get infected with spyware?

Spyware is usually included in software programs or install it will install itself through dubious websites. You should be very careful when installing free software or visiting certain websites. Also do not accept when sites ask you to install a certain plug-in.

How do you recognize if you are infected?

Has your web browser changed lately? For example do you see any new toolbars? Or did your homepage settings change without you knowing it? Maybe you are suddenly getting pop-up ads that are not related to the website that you are visiting. Is your PC getting a bit sluggish even though you have tried everything to make it go faster? These and many other things are tell-tale signs of a spyware infection. Also a slow network could be a sign that your computer is infected.

Preventing getting infected

You need to disable auto installation of software programs in you internet browser. Also I would advise in using pop-up blockers and always use firewall protection when going online.

These measures are the first line of defense against spyware and malware. I would also suggest scanning your computer regularly for spyware and malware infections. We have tested some of the best anti-spyware products available today. Download the free trial today to check if your computer is infected.

We have tested the best spyware removal programs for you. Click here to read our review or download your free trials.